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Welcome to the Academy of Hair Tech!

Congratulations to our student’s who placed in the Premiere Orlando show!

Click Here to see the winners!


Meet our faculty!

Why choose the Academy of Hair Technology!?

Why would you consider paying NYC prices to attend a SC School?  We don’t spend tens of thousands  of dollars on TV, radio and bulletin board advertising so we can keep our tuition reasonable!  We relay for our new students primarily from work of mouth through our graduates and even people who graduated from other schools that recognize ours is the best in the area!

We have serviced South Carolina from our Greenville location for over twenty-nine years!

We are widely recognized as South Carolina’s Premiere Cosmetology College

Our graduates are in high demand and work in the best salons in the area

You will experience hands-on training in a structured environment that produces  consistent winners in hair contests around the country and successful graduates!

Our instructors have years of experience in salons and teaching and have even won stlying and cutting contests at national and international events themselves!

Our focus is on providing you quality training with full access to the most advanced training material available anywhere.  The Academy of Hair Technology is a Pivot Point Member School which means we offer the finest in cosmetology training worldwide.

You will be able to access all our training support material on the web to review concepts at home and prepare for quizzes and exams!

You will have the opportunity to compete at state, regional, national and even international hair contests.  Our students have been consistent winners in these contests for over 15 years–not only winning, but dominating them.

Our costs are kept down by relying on word-of-mouth referrals and our reputation instead of spending large sumps of money on TV, Radio, and Bill Board Advertisng.

Unlike any other cosmetology college in this area, we subdivide our costs into payment periods (either 15 or 12 weeks), which means if you have to withdraw from our school for any reason, you will at the very most only be responsible for the cost of the payment period you are in–not the entire tuition!

Students attending our college are eligible to receive federal (Title-IV)  financial aid if they qualify.

If, after you graduate and decide you need some refresher training for any reason, you can repeat any portion of your training later at no cost to you.

If you have to miss any hours, you can come in on Saturdays (after you have completed your first twelve weeks of school) to make up missed time.  In fact, you can come in on Saturdays and speed up the time it takes to finish college.  The ability to make-up missed time on Saturdays save you money by reducing or eliminating absence charges.

You can finish your education for less for less than $13,000 and be working in your new career in a year (or as little as ten and one-half months if you come in every Saturday)!

Explore our comprehensive web site.  Its topics are conveniently tabbed and grouped and  it even includes a search mechanism to assist you in finding out specific information.  We have honestly tried to lay out all the type information we think a serious student would be interested in knowing and can document all our claims.  We don’t blow smoke and or use tricks to confuse you.  We don’t use hard sell tactics and certainly do not try to pressure you to attend our school or make up your mind before you are ready to decide.  If you are interested in learning, we feel our school is head and sholders above all the rest.  We are real!

We are a serious school with a staff and owners that take a personal interest in you while you are in school and after.  We honestly care about our students and graduates.  We are very different than other schools, but we are different by design!



3715 East North Street #F

Greenville, SC 29615-2363