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Campus Fire Safety

Policies Regarding Campus Fire Safety

The fire extinguishers located in key areas in the building will be inspected professionally by a firm specializing in such inspections.

Emergency Lights and Exits Lights will be inspected at least annually to assure they are operational.

A fire evacuation drill will be conducted at least once a year and a record of such will be kept in the College Director’s office.

Along with the record of all fire drills conducted in within the reporting period, a detailed record of any fires that occurred in the facilities, the cause of such fires, a record of any fire related injuries that required treatment at a medical facility, details related to any person(s) who may have died as result of the fire and the value of the property damaged.  All entries will be posted to this record within two business days of the drill or information relevant to a fire.

The policies related to fire safety are reviewed during student orientation prior to the student matriculating.  This review is documented on the orientation check list initialed and signed by each student at the time.  New employees have this material reviewed when first hired and all new employees are required to attend the student orientation session closest to their employment date.  The College Director is responsible for overseeing this training.  Any fire should be reported to the first staff member seen after discovering the fire.