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Campus Safety Emergency Response/Evacuation

Policies Regarding Campus Safety Emergency Response/Evacuation

During orientation of new students and staff/faculty, emergency evacuation procedures will be reviewed under different types of conditions.

The Academy of Hair Technology will periodically conduct emergency evaluation drills and keep a record of such drills and response times in the Directors office.

Emergency situations that develop prior to the start of any school day that require the cancellation of classes will be announced through the public media and also on our web site.  Such decisions will be made by the staff after assessing the nature of the emergency expected as well as the likelihood of it actually developing.  The announcement will include information on the period of time the class schedule will be disrupted to the extent possible.

Emergency situations that develop after the start of classes will be assessed by the staff and if evacuation and/or class cancellation is required, the students, faculty and staff will be notified.  Any cancellation of classes for even a part of the day will be announced through the public media and our web site.

In making any decision that an emergency situation exists or is likely to exist, if time permits, the staff will review all pertinent information in concert with appropriate governmental agencies.  If such review is not possible, a decision will be made based on the situation that exists at that moment.  The Academy has developed an alert roster using all the staff and faculty to help disseminate notifying the public media.  This alert roster is up-dated periodically (at least once a year) and is reviewed with the faculty and staff at least twice a year during staff meetings.  A dry run of the alert procedures will be conducted on an annual basis to verify the accuracy of the contact information it contains.

The College Director has primary responsibility for assessing and emergency situation and any appropriate actions required.  In his/her absence or incapacity, the College President, the Vice President of Marketing and the Education Director (in that order) will made a determination and follow through with the necessary steps deemed necessary.

In the event that an emergency situation is identified as having a potential for occurring, the staff and faculty will be warned as quickly as feasible of the potential threat.  A timely warning would be issued if for example the national weather bureau issues a warning of serious inclement weather or if country or city law enforcement advises the administration that a person of interest is in or will be in the immediate proximity of the school.

If a situation actually develops that has the potential to be an immediate threat to the health and or safety of the Academy’s students and or employees, an appropriate emergency notification will be initiated.

Appropriate follow up will be taken in the event of either a warning or notification to assess the procedures used and assure that the condition has returned to normal.

If a student and or employee are missing from class and have not informed the Academy in advance, the primary instructor or supervisor will notify the emergency contact information provided by the individual of the absence.  Each potential student and employee identifies an emergency contact by name and telephone number at the time s/he enrolls or is employed.  If this isn’t issue is not adequately resolved by such contact, contact with law enforcement may be indicated.  This policy is reviewed during orientation before the student or employee is enrolled/employed.