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Graduation Placement Rates

The placement statistics reported below are as reported to NACCAS (the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences in the annual reports identified.  In order to be included in the placement rate, the student must have completed and passed their licensing examination by the cut off date to be included in the report (November 30) and the college had to have collected placement data on the graduate which is subject to audit review and review by the accrediting commission.

The report includes students who graduated in the previous calendar year of the report date in order for them to have had an opportunity to take the exam and for the college to secure required documentation.  Such documentation has to include the name and address of the facility the graduate is working in as well as the nature of their employment and the name of their immediate supervisor and is sometimes difficult to acquire if the student moved to another geographic location.

                               Cosmetology                 Esthetics          Nail Technologists

2007                            82.8%                             75%                          75%

2008                            88.5%                             77.7%                       81.8%

2009                            97.6%                             87.5%                       85.7%

2010                             76.4%                             71.4%                       88.9%