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What class schedules are available?

Since we offered a structured program, there is not a lot of flexibility in class schedules.  Further, in order to benefit from our classes, you have to be here.  Good attendance is essential.  Simply put, we can not teach you if you are not here.

Our cosmetology program is only offered in the day.  Students enroll as accelerated students and attend Tuesday through Friday, from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM.  After completing the Freshman program (12 weeks) Such students could elect to come in on all or some Saturdays to complete the required 1500 hours quicker provided they had perfect attendance the prior week.  In addition to class time, students need to have time to study assignments and prepare for tests.  Following this schedule, a student can be expected to complete the required 1500 hours in program just under twelve months (50-weeks).  Students are allowed to miss 30 scheduled hours without having to pay additional absent charges.  Further, after completing their first twelve weeks, cosmetology students can come in on Saturdays (9:00 am to 3:30 pm) to make up missed time or graduate earlier.

Our nail technology program is only offered in the evening.  Students are scheduled to attend class Tuesday through Thursday, from 6:00 PM through 10:00 PM.  Following this schedule, a student can be expected to complete the required 300 hours in program in six months.  If a student never missed, they would complete this program in twenty-five weeks.  Students are allowed to miss up to two weeks or take as long as 27 weeks to complete at no extra charge.

It is important to realize that 300 hours is not a lot of time to master skills and develop speed necessary to work in a salon successfully.  We feel that once a

skill has been mastered, the student is just as able to practice it at home to gain necessary speed skills.  Once a mastery of a skill has been demonstrated, an assignment must be completed each week at home and brought into class on Tuesday to be graded by the instructor.  The time required to complete the project each attempt is recorded by the student.  Once the speed necessary for salon work is claimed, the student will be timed at the school.  When the speed skill level is verified, it will be checked off.  Again, prior to attempting such assignments at home, t he instructor is comfortable with the student’s mastery of the skill itself.  These home-practice assignments make it possible for our students to acquire the skills and speed necessary to succeed in a salon while minimizing the time the student needs to spend in school and therefore the costs of a quality education.

Our esthetics program is also an evening program.  Our surveys of the industry indicate that the 450 minimum set by state law is not adequate to provide the type training we want to.   Our 600 hour program includes basic esthetics (facials and make-up) as well as advanced training in body wraps and micro-abrasion.

It is offered from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Monday through Thursday and, if the student has perfect attendance,  takes thirty weeks to complete.   Again, students are allowed up to thirty-two weeks (2 weeks absence) to complete the program at no additional charge.  Homework  assignments involve additional time.