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How can financial aid help me pay for college?

The nail technician program is only 300 hours in length and so does not qualify for any financial aid.  The school has payment plans, but the least a student can expect to pay is $300 the first month ($100 admissions fee and $200 tuition) and $250 for each of the next six months.  Since we are an accredited school, payments made for tuition do earn a Hope Tax Credit and so in many cases most of the money paid is able to be recovered through a reduction in taxes owed at the end of the next year.

Both the cosmetology and esthetician program are Title-IV eligible.  In almost all cases, the cost  cosmetology program can be covered using a combination of grants, student loans and parent loans.  This is also true for the esthetics programs for dependent students. .

Many of our students do not rely on financial aid to pay for tuition.  We have a number of payment plans available.  Essentially the total tuition owed is divided into the months the student is in school.

A student interested in applying for financial aid should be aware that recent changes exist in the way Title-IV is administered.  If a student doesn’t attend at least 60% of a payment period (a little over nine weeks of actual class attendance), much of the aid a student may have been eligible for has to be refunded.

Now for the good news:

(a)    Payments made for school by a student or a parent earns a tax credit (HOPE) which means that in many cases the student (or parent) will get most of this money back at the end of the year when filing taxes.

(b)     The Tax Credit would cover up to $3,000 of the first $4,000 in payments if more were paid over a two calendar year period..