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Where can I find out more about the school and the programs it offers?

In addition to answers to the questions that we are frequently asked found on this page, our web site has a wealth of information about our school, its faculty, its course offerings and its curriculum.  It also contains other information of interest to most prospective students.

Still, you will probably have some specific questions that are not answered in this material.  Further, there is no way you can adequately judge any school without actually visiting it.  The decision make concerning which school you will attend is far too important to make without actually visiting.  The best way to have specific questions answered is through an in person visit.  Call and schedule and appointment with Mr. West (864-322-0300), our Admissions Director, to have tour the school and have all your questions answered.

Again, there is absolutely no obligation to you arising from visiting our campus.  In fact, we will never contact you again if you don’t decide to attend on your own.  We do not believe in pressuring someone to make a decision to attend.

While visiting, we invite you to have a complimentary service.  If you have time, this would afford you the opportunity to ask a student what she or he thinks about the school

We encourage you to take the time to sit in at least a portion of a class as well.  Seeing is believing.   We will also gladly show you hard statistics on state board pass rates and placement as well.  We will never ask you to accept our word on these important factors that affect your ultimate success.

We have found from experience when students visit our school and are indeed serious about entering this field, they are so impressed with what we have to offer that they will choose our school.