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What type of kit is provided and how much does it cost?

The Academy is not in the beauty supply business.  We do not operate a book store.  We believe that when practical and economically feasible, it is better for the student to purchase exactly the quality of tools desired that can be afforded at that time.  Students who qualify for financial aid who are on a particularly tight budget can elect to use anticipated surplus financial aid eligibility to purchase tools for each session as needed.

We realize some material is not readily available in the Greenville area.  For this reason, we supply all textbooks needed for the student to use while in school.  They remain the property of the school; however, it is our policy to award them to anyone who graduates.  To keep our costs down, we do re-issue textbooks to students if available, but such texts are always in serviceable condition.  If the student wants to purchase them, they can.  When a student graduates, however, we give the texts as a “graduation present” from us to the successful graduate.  All the cosmetology and esthetics texts are available on line.  Students are given a key word when they enroll to register on the website to view the texts, vocabulary builders, all the training support materials used in the class as well as practice quizzes.  The availability of this material on line does not replace the need for instructors, but it does allow a student to review material as much as needed as well as help the student catch up missed class work.

The nail technician is given a list of other supplies and equipment that will be needed over the course of the program of study.  Typically, these can be purchased for about $350 from area beauty supply houses.  The textbook is supplied.

The esthetician is also given a list of supplies that will be needed to be purchased as well.  Typically, the cost for such is less than $300.  Texts are furnished.

The cosmetologist is given all the texts necessary. There is a difference between wants and needs, and, while not required, most students spend from $650 to $800 to purchase the tools and supplies needed for school.  We provide a listing of exactly what is needed and when and typically a student will not have to pay more than $150 in any six week period.  Since we purchase large quantities of manikins, we do offer our students the choice of purchasing them from us at our cost.