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How do I apply to attend?

Richard West is the Director of Admissions.  All prospective applicants are introduced to the school through him.  To arrange an appointment to tour our school and have your questions answered, call (864)-322-0300.

Robert MacElhiney, the Director or the Academy, also handles financial aid.  After a student has made a commitment to attend the Academy, an appointment with him can be made through Mr. West to discuss the availability of financial aid.  It is the position of the Academy that while financial aid provides help in paying for an education, but the availability of such should not be a reason for choosing the Academy over other schools.  In other words, people that want to attend our school should want to attend our school because of the superior education we offer, not because we are eligible to participate in financial aid programs.

James W. King, Jr., is the President.  He handles placement of our graduates and is the person to talk to if you want to know what type career positions recent graduates have been able to secure.