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Why is the tuition so much lower than most of our competition?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.  Given the structured and comprehensive nature of our programs, given the training included in building a clientele, given the fact that we are one of only two colleges in the state the offer the internationally recognized training program known as Pivot PointTM and given our national and international reputation as well as our superior results in state board passing rates and job placement, why is our tuition so low.

Obviously I cannot comment on how other colleges and schools determine what to charge, but I can say what you will not be paying for when you choose our college.  We don’t spend any money on flashy bulletin boards, radio and TV advertising.  We have not nor do we intend to spend huge amounts of money to build branch schools all over the place.  We do not have corporate overhead expenses.  We have concentrated on building our college’s reputation by offering fantastic curricula, great training by well qualified instructors and, yes, the success of our graduates.  Our reputation has enabled us to exist and thrive spending very little money on any form of advertising.

All our owners work at the school and perform essential school functions and oversee every aspect of the school on a day-to-day basis.  We are integrally involved and deeply care about the success of our students.