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What is a StyleSeat Student/Professional Portfolio?

A website for beauty and wellness students and graduates to showcase your work! StyleSeat Student/Professional Portfolios let you tell potential employers and clients about your skills and personality, post and share unlimited photos on Facebook and Twitter, and help you build a clientele before you graduate.

How much does a student/professional portfolio cost you?

Nothing! It’s FREE!!!

How does it work?

You can sign up for a student or professional portfolio below after reading this information, be sure to click the “I’m a student” or I’m graduate check box! Follow the instructions by filling out the right info and uploading photos and you’re done!

How can I spread the word about my portfolio?

Once your profile is filled out and you’ve uploaded photos (i.e. looking amazing) you can share it with your friends, family and clients by sending them an email asking them to help support you by clicking the Facebook Like button at the top right of the page. This sends a link to all of their friends on Facebook which helps build your online buzz!

How can I tell if people see my portfolio?

You have a custom stats page that shows you how many people viewed your portfolio, what photos they clicked on and whether they come back. You can also see how many people clicked the Facebook Like button by looking at the number located on the button.

How can I share photos on Twitter and Facebook?

Each photo has a share button below it which lets you share it on those social networks. You can encourage your friends and clients to share these photos to help spread online word of mouth about your skills.

I want to see other student and graduate portfolios from my school.

Awesome! You can find them by clicking the link to your school from your portfolio. Other student and alumni portfolios will be listed on that page so you can see what your classmates and other professionals have done.

How does my Student/Professional Portfolio help me get a job?

Potential employers can find your portfolio by searching the web. When they find your page they can get a feel for your personality, technical skills and ability to market yourself. We also let you share where you’re willing to move to so that employers in that city can easily find you, even if you live elsewhere. We’ll be creating features that make it even easier for employers to find you.

What else can I do with a Student/Professional Portfolio?

Your portfolio gives you access to features to manage your schedule, track your clients and send marketing emails. We’ll soon have a bunch of other cool features, so stay tuned!

Follow the instructions to complete your portfolio by clicking HERE.

Having trouble?  No problem! Email info@styleseat.com and a representative of the web site we’ll get right back to you.


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