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Admissions Requirements


A student must enroll at the beginning of a class unit.  Essentially, a new class starts every six weeks.    Because start dates are not the same day of each month, a perspective student should call the school’ s office for the next start date.  A student may start at the beginning of any unit, but must attend an orientation day before enrolling.  Orientation is usually held on the Monday before the beginning of a particular unit. Orientation usually lasts five hours and is mandatory but does not count as part of any program.

Individuals wishing to enter the Academy must fulfill the following requirements to be considered for acceptance:

A. Visit the Admissions Officer to discuss career objectives, the Academy’s program offerings, and tour the facilities.  Students are encouraged to visit the school with their parents or spouse.  An appointment is not required but visits should be between 10:30am – 3:30pm, Tuesday through Friday.

B.  Fill out in detail an Application for Admissions and other forms as required.  These forms must be filled in at the Academy by the student without assistance.

C. All students must furnish proof of former education by providing a copy of his/her (licensed/accredited) high school diploma, (licensed/accredited) high school transcript, or GED Certificate.  All students who attended school outside of the United States must have the level of education completed credentialed by an agency approved by the SC Board of Cosmetology.  A fee is charged by such vendors.  The amount varies and can best be ascertained from them by the student. The school has a list of approved vendors as well as their contact numbers.  Credentialing must also be completed prior to starting class.

D.  Since licensing is restricted to candidates who can demonstrate a proficiency with reading, writing and speaking English, a student must demonstrate such to the satisfaction of the Academy prior to being accepted.

Acceptance is based on an overall assessment of a candidate’s qualifications, interest, artistic sense, maturity, and appearance.

Once these requirements are completed and a decision made, the Academy will inform the applicant of acceptance to the school either in person or in writing.

Enrollment sizes depending on the space available, time of year, and the rotation of training.  Never will there be more than 20 students under the supervision of any one instructor. The average student to teacher ratio at the Academy is less than 20:1.

The Academy does not discriminate and admits students of any sex, age, race, color, ethnic origin, or religion.  The physical facilities meet or exceed disability access laws.  The Academy’s admission policy does not discriminate against disabled people except where the person’s disability would limit that person’s ability to do the required job tasks.


Generally, the Academy feels that a student should complete the program of study at the school first enrolled in and does not encourage transfers.  Because of their short length, no transfers into our Esthetics or Nail Technician program will be considered.

No cosmetology student will be considered for admissions who is currently enrolled and attending a school in this geographic area and no transfer credits will be accepted.  Cosmetology students wanting to transfer from outside this geographic area will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  More over, any student graduating from the Academy must meet all its graduation requirements