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Other Costs

Required Costs Not Covered

Students who fail to complete their training within the scheduled contracted period (Cosmetology: 1530 hours; Esthetics: 640, Nail Technician: 340 hours) because of any reason, are charged an additional $5.00 per hour for each extra hour of instruction provided.

All students must purchase all supplies and equipment necessary for the training before each unit is taught.  A list of required equipment and supplies needed  will be furnished by the instructor at least one week before needed.

These figures do not include the examination or licensing fees.  As of the date of this catalog, the examination fee for programs under the Cosmetology Board is $165 which must be paid by certified check or money order made out to the order of Professional Credentialing Service (PCS).   The written portion of the licensing exam can be taken locally, the practical portion of the test is administered centrally in Columbia.  These fees are subject to change and the current fee is available through the admission’s office.  Cosmetology related examinations are administered in two parts in Columbia, South Carolina. After passing the written exam, a student will be scheduled for the practical exam.   Students are also responsible for their own transportation to the test site and many students decide to drive up early and spend the night.

Non-Mandatory Costs That Are Not Covered

Addition costs which a student may elect to incur relate to those associated with attending advanced training sessions not conducted at the school during regularly scheduled hours, upgrade on the quality of and additional equipment and tools, and fees and expenses related to competing at state, national and international events.  In addition, from time to time the school schedules optional advanced cutting classes for its cosmetology students.  Cosmetology students interested in attending these advanced classes must procure additional manikins.   None of these events, upgrades or additional equipment are required and the costs associated with each is incurred by the student.


Students are expected to secure all texts and equipment issued for use at the school in the locker issued to them and must pay a replacement charge for any such items lost or destroyed.


Students enrolling are required to sign an Enrollment Agreement before starting actual training during orientation.  The Enrollment Agreement is a contract between the school and the student.  Students under the legal age to negotiate contracts (17), must have their parents co-sign this agreement as well.


Normal Living Costs Which Are Not Covered

In addition to the costs outlined above, it is recognized that students will incur those expenses normally required to live.  In addition, the student will have to purchase clothes that meet the uniform requirements of the school which vary depending on the program of study. Cosmetologists are required to wear black pants/slacks/skirt (if a skit is worn, it must cover the knees and be worn with nylon hose) with black or brown leather shoes that cover the entire foot.  In addition, they must wear a black lab coat that covers the knees and is buttoned.  Alternatively, a school T-shirt (not provided) may be purchased to wear in lieu of the lab coat.  Esthetics and nail technician students must wear a white uniform with a white lab coat and white leather shoes covering the entire foot.  All students must wear a school provided name tag which identifies them as a student.  We estimate that the minimum a student who is not living with his/her parents while attending school should budget for room and board while in school would be $954 per month.  For miscellaneous personal expenses we feel this student should budget $403 per moth.  Transportation will vary with the distance to the school, but $208 per month should be budgeted.  A student who is still living with his/’her parents while in school should budget $393 per month for room and board, $220 per month for miscellaneous personal expenses, and $149 per month for transportation.  Estimates are based on completing the program as an accelerated student in twelve months.


If a student is sited during a state Board school inspection for not being in proper uniform or a safety/sanitation issue, that fine will be passed on to the student.