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The 600 hour esthetics program is designed to prepare its students in all skills expected of an entry-level esthetician and even more.  The student is trained to perform skin analysis, basic massage movements, facials of various kinds, body treatments of various kinds, hair removal, make-up applications, skin treatments, including microdermabrasion.  In addition, the student is given instructions in pharmacology, product chemistry, electricity, histology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and product knowledge.

COURSE DESCRIPTION This thirty week course is divided into four modules, with the student repeating the first module taken as the last module.  Each module is essentially a stand alone unit, allowing students to be enrolled every six weeks.  The last hour of each night is devoted to theory classes which essentially have no direct practical application, but an understanding of which is essential to perform effectively in this field.

Monday and Tuesdays are taught in the Academy’s spa area.  During the first twelve weeks, students are taught basic skills needed to perform services on the public.  The emphasis is on hand-on training, but some theory is incorporated as necessary.  Modules I & III focus on skin analysis, massage movements and how to perform a variety of facials and body treatments.  Modules II and IV focus on hair removal techniques, a variety of make-up applications, and how to perform an acid peel.  After completing the first twelve weeks, students will either practice the skills previously learned on manikins, themselves or clients.

Wednesday classes are taught in the esthetics classroom in the main part of the school.  This subject matter can be described as a combination of theory and practice.  In this setting, the theory component is stressed, however practical work is demonstrated and practices.  Thursday is essentially a continuation of Wednesday.  Students who have mastered the skills being discussed can work on clients on Thursday night if there is a sufficient need.

MODULE 1 introduces the student to the field of esthetics as well as factors to be considered in setting up treatment rooms.  The use of electricity in skin treatments is also covered.  Further, the student is taught the proper way to perform a variety of facials.  In addition, the student is given an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the skin and an overview of the general body systems that are affected by treatments performed by estheticians.

MODULE II. This unit focuses on the morphologies of various skin conditions as well as various exfoliation techniques.  In addition, the student will gain an understanding of anatomy and physiology, bacteriology, and nutrition.

MODULE III.  In this unit, the student will learn the different skin types as well as how to recognize and react to various diseases and disorders of the skin.  Hair removal and a variety of body treatments are also taught.  Emphasis is placed on developing and understanding of the skin itself and how it functions.

MODULE IV. During this unit, the student will learn the artistry of make-up applications for a variety of occasions as well as concepts related to advanced clinic skin care that estheticians are expected to assist dermatologists treat.  Pharmacology and product chemistry are covered in detail as well.